Lords of Acid Acrylic Painting - Shipping included

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Praga Khan will create a series of PAINTINGS inspired by Lords of Acid song titles. These paintings will be done in ACRYLIC ON CANVAS (size 23,62 x 31,49 inches). Comes with a picture of Praga while painting your masterpiece. He will sign it, dedicate it to you (or to anyone you'd like) and send it to you.

He will only paint one painting for each song representing each song's emotion and colors. He will never paint the same song twice and the buyer will have his or her choice of which song they would like him to paint and a choice of ..any Lords of Acid song he has ever recorded. A unique and exclusive work of art made by Praga Khan.

The paintings of "Pussy", "Voodoo-U", "The Mirror", "I Sit on Acid", "As I Am", "Slip 'n Slide", "Out Comes The Evil", "Lover", "Marihuana in your Brain", "Spank my booty" "Take Control", "Let's Get High", "The Most Wonderful Girl" and "Rough Sex" are no longer available!

Finished painting - immediately available : Slave of Love (Farstucker), Spacy Bitch (Lust). Shipping included!